::: : Institutional Ethical Committee
(Registered in NECR-BHR registry maintained by Ministry of Health and family welfare, NECRBHR, India)
Date of Registration: 19.11.2020 Registraion number: EC/NEW/INST/2020/1058

Constituted on:  07.02.2020
Committee valid till:  07.02.2023
Members nominated by: The Dean, Thanjavur Medical College, Thanjavur. (Ref No: 5413/ME/2020 d:07.02.2020)
Address of the IEC office: Room 270, First Floor, Medical College Building, Thanjavur Medical College, Thanjavur - 613004
Telephone No: 04362-240112; 04362-240951

S.No Name Designation Role in IEC, Thanjavur
1 Dr. J. Venkatesan M.D., Rtd., Professor of Psychiatry
Singaram Clinic, Thanjavur
2 Dr. N. Arumugam M.D., Professor of Pathology, Thanjavur Medical College Member Secretary
3 Dr. S. Kumaravel D. Ortho, M.S., D.N.B., PhD., Professor of orthopedics, Thanjavur Medical College Clinician
4 Dr. Shanthi Paulraj M.D., Professor of anesthesiology
Thanjavur Medical College
5 Dr. S. Uday Aruna M.S., Associate Professor of O& G
KAPV Medical College, Trichy
6 Dr. B. Jayapriya M.D., Associate Professor of Pharmacology, Virudunagar Medical College Pharmacologist
7 Dr. M. Senthilkumar M.D., Associate professor of Pathology, TMC Basic Medical Scientist
8 Dr.  Eunice Swarna Jacob M.D., Professor of Microbiology, Pudukottai Medical College Basic Medical Scientist
9 Dr. A. Vinoth M.D., Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine, TMC Clinician
10 Dr. G. Karthikeyan M.S., Assistant Professor of General Surgery, TMC Clinician
11 Dr. L. Mageshwaran M.D., Assistant Professor of Pharmacology, TMC Basic Medical Scientist
12 Dr. S. Sangeetha M.SW PhD., Associate Professor of social science, Tamil University, Thanjavur Social aware nominee
13 Mr. Kuppuswamy B.Sc., B.L Public Prosecutor, Thanjavur Legal Expert
14 Mr. Prince Senior Telephone Supervisor, BSNL, Thanjavur Lay-person


To view the various SOPs of IEC-Thanjavur Medical College, click on the link given below.
  1. Standard operating procedure - General
  2. Standard operating procedure - Membership requirements of ethics committee
  3. Standard operating procedure - Terms of reference of committee
  4. Standard operating procedure - Condition of appointment and quoram requirements
  5. Standard operating procedure - Vulnerable population
  6. Standard operating procedure - Training of Members
  7. Standard operating procedure - Conflict of interest

The applicant should download all five documents provided below and submit after filling the necessary details to the Member Secretary, IEC, Thanjavur Medical College. The applicant should also prepare a short powerpoint presentation addressing the title of study, brief review of literature, aims and objective, methodology as flow chart,  sample size calculation, statistical methods and possible ethical issues with conflict of interest. Applicant should present it in the IEC meeting.
  1. IEC - Check list
  2. IEC - Covering letter
  3. IEC - Protocol details
  4. IEC - Consent form part 1(information to the participants)
  5. IEC - Consent form part 2 (Participant's consent form
  1. Faculty, Staff and Postgraduates of Thanjavur Medical College:  Rs: 1000/project
  2. Undergraduates of Thanjavur Medical College: Fee exempted
  3. Project from other institutions - Rs: 1500/project.
​MINUTES OF THE MEETING (Click the link below to download the minutes

1. November 2022 - 6th meeting
2. November 2022 - 5th meeting
3. July 2022 - 4th meeting
4. July 2022 - 3rd meeting
5. July 2022 - 2nd meeting
6. April 2022 - 1st meeting

2021: Minutes archived 

2020: Minutes archived

2019: minutes archived
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