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           In Pursuance of UGC Act, Anti-Ragging Squad consisting of the following Medical Officers has been formed to make surprise visits in various places, such as hostels, library, class room, potential places, etc., to ascertain if  ragging of students by the seniors occur and also to prevent ragging among students.
  1. Dr.M.Gulam Mohaideen.,M.S.,D.Ortho., Professor & HOD of Orthopaedics.
  2. Dr.P.S.Giridhar,M.S.,D.O.,Professor &HOD of  Ophthalmology
  3. Dr.S.Elangovan,M.D.,(Psy). Professor &HOD of Psychiatry
They are requested to co-ordinate with the anti-Ragging Committee and Vice Versa.
The Anti-Ragging Committee for the year 2012-2013 is constituted as follows.
Dr.T.Sivakami,M.S., Professor & HOD of Anatomy/Vice Principal
Dr.S.Muthukumaran,M.D.,(GM)., Professor & HOD of Medicine
Dr.S.Swaruparani,M.D.,DGO., Professor & HOD of O&G
Dr.V.Balakrishnan,M.S.,Associate Professor & HOD of Surgery
Dr.R.Vinodha,M.D.(Phy)., professor & HOD of Physiology

The term of the committee is for the academic year 2012-2013.
        The Committee is entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring that ragging does not occur in the Thanjavur Medical College and Hostel Campus and Premises.
        The above committee is also assigned with the monitoring of the work of the Medical officers posted on rotation basis for watching and preventing the untoward ragging among the students in the college campus as well as in Hostels.

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