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Welcome to the Department of Physiiology:

          I welcome you to the Department of Physiology,Thanajvur Medical College and invite you to browse through our website.

The primary mission of the Department of physiology is to develop and maintain excellent programs of research and teaching in physiology. Training the next generation of the doctors requires a firm grounding in physiology.

Established  in1961, over the years we have made major contributions to undergraduate medical students, pharmacy, physiotherapy and postgraduate basic science education.

          The department operates via fortnightly staff meeting.

         We teach using a mixture of lectures/lecture demonstration, Practicals, small-group tutorials, symposium, seminars with aids for computer assisted case-base and self-directed study. Regularly test and assessments ensure that students stay schedule. Although this is a quite large department we believe it is a friendly on we encourage student to make contact with teaching staff who are always read to help them. Post graduate (MD Phy) course has started from 2008 April. We currently have 8 postgraduate students. Students are encouraged through research activities. The research effort of the students provide the main drivin force for the scientific achievements in the Department of physiology.


  • Eight channel digital polygraph
  • Four channel digital polygraph
  • Computerized spirometer
  • Eight channel analog polygraph
  • Six channel analog polygraph
  • Four channel  analog polygraph
  • Single channel analog polygraph
  • Treadmill with all accessories
  • Bicycle ErgometerAs part of the planning process, several areas of research strength were identified.
  • Comparison of P100 latency and amplitude between 2 eyes
  • VEP in cross dominant vs. non cross dominant cricketers
  • VEP in migraine patients
  • Ocular dominance in anisometropic myopia
Cardiovascular and Respiratory Physiology:-
  • Cardio Respiratory fitness assessment in obese
  • Comparison of PFT in Athletes & individuals with sedentary life style
  • Neurophysiology of stress and emotion
  • Recovery from spinal cord injury
Endocrine, Metabolic and Reproductive Physiology:-
  • Effect of aging and physical activity on body composition and endocrine status
  • Effect of TMT in Asymptomatic Diabetes patients
  • HELLP syndrome: A case study
Overall goal
In future developments, the Departmental activities should
  • Reflect the integrative nature of discipline of Physiology
  • Include a range of technical approaches, including imaging and three dimensional mode
The department should continue to increase its productivity, particularly with regars to:-
  • Number and quality of publication
  • Participating in research collaborations outside the depatment


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